Bridesmaids & Groomsmen

Jake and Kelsey Hooper
Rain Man & Goat Girl
Best Man & Maid of Honor
We have known Chelsea for almost 14 years, and I (Kelsey) have known her and her family since elementary in Powell. Of course, we started as frenemies, but as we became young moms, we found new things that bonded us. Through the years, we became inseparable, and soon, our babies grew up together. Fast forward through the many ups and downs and curveballs; we became family. What an honor it is to Jake to walk Chelsea down to Brandon, as his job as an interim husband has come to an end, and we all welcome Brandon into our lives!

Cache and Maddi Cozzens
Dances with Wolves & Mighty Mouse
Chelsea's Brother and Sister in Law
Cache and Maddi moved to Casper last year and have recently celebrated their first wedding anniversary. Cache is a foreman for a finishing and concrete company, and Maddi has been working away at her college degree in Elementary Education along with working as a personal aid for home health. When they aren't kicking everyone's butt at poker, you will find them gaming or outside adventuring with their three pups.

Brinson Cozzens & Colbie Andrews
Brinson, aka Gone with the Wind, is also Chelsea's brother who works construction on cabins up in Crandall. However, his true passion is easy to see if you follow him on social media. You can catch Brinson (well, you can try) at the top of any peak with his pal Tip, one of the Toyota's, and a camera in tow; oh, and probably a beer. ;)

Chelsea met Colbie as a hair client at our salon. The second she walked through the door we felt an instant connection with her and refuse to let her go. <3 Colbie is a veterinarian tech who loves her fur babies, loves to laugh, has an incredible smile, and she's literally down for any adventure, because....
"she's just happy to be here."

Robbie and Daycia Gonzalez
Robbie and Daycia have known Chelsea, Brandon, and all of us for about four years. Robbie and Jake previously worked together in the oilfield later introducing Brandon; and Daycia, Chelsea, and Kelsey met via the salon. The rest is history as their three gorgeous kids all pulled at our hearts (and wrapped every finger). <3 The Gonzalez's love Jesus and any outdoor adventure; plus, you are all in for a treat when you catch them harmonizing around the fire and playing the guitar.


Tim Derrico & Mia Baxter
Tim met Brandon via Jake and have also become great friends. Hunting, hiking, and sippin on a nice bourbon are just a few things they enjoy doing. Tim has a beautiful family, wife, and two kids; you will find the Derrico's out rock hounding, camping, and fishing!

We met Mia via Maddi (Chelsea's sister-in-law). She is easy to talk to, as she can make anyone feel comfortable, and she is a tremendous listener. Her flower child presence brightens any atmosphere!

Oaklie Hooper
Stands Like Oak Tree
The Flower Girl!
Oaklie is a seasoned flower girl, and this will also be her last wedding as one! She will be moving on to a junior bridesmaid in any future weddings. This poised yet sassy girl is sure to shake up the dance floor and leave a lasting impression. Oaklie adores her Aunt Chelsea and Uncle Brandon and I can almost guarantee you will hear Brandon call her "baby girl" and her Aunt Chelsea will be the only one allowed to touch her hair the day of the wedding. I guess some things never change ;)

The Little Indians


Brave Heart
14 Years Old
Loves football 
The outdoors
His family
Rocks out to Elvis
Strong headed & hearted
A heart of gold
Smart, Caring
Has a wild side


Whispering Eagle
11 Years Old
Loves his family
Playing video games
Spending time with friends
Loves animals
Mostly find him outdoors
Happy go lucky


The Bone Collector
10 Years Old
Spit fire
Loves to be outside
Loves his family
Very Helpful


1 Years Old
Full of energy
Loves his dog friends
Loves treats
His cats
Mountains and hills
Takes care of his family

The Cats
Dean & August

Loves to hide
Loves to relax
Outdoor enthusiast
Enjoys play time with Darwyn
Guilty pleasure: sniffing Oreos

Max relaxer
Outdoor watcher
Night owl
Loves running water