Brandon Thomas Wood
(The God Father)

Here are a few things you may or may not know about The Groom!
As you may have also noticed, there are some other strange names; our family has a tradition of giving a native name to those that have earned them, and Brandon earned his title quite quickly on one of our first camping trips with him! Make sure to ask those who have a name how it came to be acquired; you are garantueed a good laugh
Thank you, Brandon, for sharing who you are!

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Full Name:
Brandon Thomas Wood

B, Big B, Uncle B, Uncle Brandon, Leroy Jenkins
Given Native Name- The God Father

Place & Date of Birth:
December 15, 1990
Wheatland, WY

Places Lived:
Wyoming & South Dakota

Favorite Hobbies:
Hunting, Fishing, Rockhounding, Camping, Shooting

Favorite Travel Destination:
Florida, for the fishin'

Children or Pets:
Zaidyn, Zeaky, Zaxty, Darwyn (dog), Dean & August (cats)

Interesting Fact:
"I have 3 nipples"

Political & Religious Beliefs:

Native American - Ugalala Souix


Casper College
Associates in Physical Education & Athletic Training


Current Job Title:
"Boss ass bitch"

Achievements & Lessons:
Becoming a Police officer in 2019
A domestic violance call that ended in a win and everyone was okay
Favorite thing about my career now is my time off
It has taught me to value and cherich time

Future Hopes & Dreams:
To be able to set my family up for future generational wealth where noone has to worry about a thing!

Who To Thank:
Bill & Anna