Frequently Asked Questions

What to get the Bride & Groom?

You can find Chelsea and Brandons Wedding Registry at >>

Places to Stay?

This is a campground that we have reserved for 3 days to ensure privacy and proper clean up; they are reservations only and can be difficult to get into. If you would like to camp there are multiple campgrounds to choose from, and some do not require a reservation. There are also a few lodges near our area if you would like to check their openings as well. It is also an option to stay in Sheridan or Lovell at a local hotel.

Wyoming High Country Lodge
Arrowhead Lodge
Bear Lodge Resort
Elk View Inn

What to Expect after the Ceremony?

A reception will follow directly after the ceremony. You will find the reception area close to the building that will house the food. Immediate family and entire wedding party will take photos and join the rest of you soon. At the reception we will eat, mingle, and dance. You can expect us to start up a fire with plently of conversation, smores, and guitar melodies.

What Kind of Weather can I Expect?

Of course, we can't garantuee anything, but being outside in the mountains, we are usually blessed this time of year with not too hot, not too cold. Typically 80's during the day and 50's in the evening. Although our night temperatures can drop, we recommend bringing a jacket, shawl, or blanket. There will also be plenty of converage and shelter.

What Should I Bring?

Recommended to bring change of clothes, change of shoes, jacket, blankets, lawn chairs, umbrellas, sunscreen, bug spray, cooler with drinks of choice, charged phones.


Questions or Comments

Please feel free to leave any questions or comments for Chelsea, Brandon, or anyone in the wedding party!
We cannot wait to celebrate with you all!

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