Thursday, June 6 - Saturday, June 8
8 PM

Thursday, June 13 - Saturday, June 158 PM 


Times Change

Sunday, June 16
4 pm matinee

English Lutheran Church

1603 Monument Avenue

Richmond, Virginia 23220

In Three Acts...

Power, mystery, change...

Act 1

Italy, Ancient Times

Will Peccario, the deposed king of Campania, regain his crown? Was his son killed in battle or is he one of the recently captured pirates? And who are the armored women knocking at the door? The goddess Minerva knows and she’s not telling.

Act 2

London, 1751

Disinherited for his love of Abigail, will Henry avoid disgrace through poetry? Has the aging Handel got one more opera left in him? Will Abigail’s scientific experiments pull off a miracle? And what of the surprisingly talented cook and freed slave, Walt? Minerva has plans for them all.

Act 3

RVA, today

At a coffee house sit an expatriate in existential crisis, a failing rap artist, a couple stressed by workplace tensions, and a son reeling from his DNA-test results. Can Minerva restore their equilibrium, or is it time for fresher gods to step in?

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