Let's Go Into The Woods
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Brandon & Chelsea. 

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The Soon-to-be Woods

Chelsea and Brandon met during a haircut appointment in 2022. I wouldn't say it was love at first sight, but his 20-minute haircut that Chelsea was performing turned into a 3-hour conversation *wink, wink*. I don't think he would have left if he hadn't had prior arrangements. However, they did meet later that night for a dinner party and have yet to be apart <3 (besides work now).

Thankfully they met during the summer as they explored the mountain tops and native lands together, or he may have been too "bored" playing poker and conversing around the table during winter. The upcoming months were only the beginnings of their many adventures. Later that year, Brandon, Chelsea, their three boys, and their dog Darwyn bought a house together, and shortly after....some cats; just kidding! On November 17, 2022, Brandon proposed…..a proposal they will never forget. 
(Video below)

The Proposal

At the VIP portion of an Ian Munsick concert, Ian opened up his time for a few questions. Blaming the indoor heating for his sweat, Brandon nervously raised his hand. With Chelsea standing before him, she turned around to see a profound kneel and the ring of a lifetime. Chelsea's breath was taken away (quite literally), and of course, she said,